Radiance Book Review *SPOILER FREE*3

I have been given this book, in exchange for an honest review. 

28439979Title: Radiance

Author: M.L Med

Blurb (GR):  What would you do if your entire world were ripped away?

What kind of person would you become at the hands of a Monster?

How far would you go to stop the bitter cold you felt deep in your bones?

Rena was taken from her only home, sold into the slavery and held against her will for two years. Waiting. Her broken soul is left waiting…waiting for the end.

After her rescue she is given a new start along with a new identity. Kira finds herself trying to move forward, to find her own way. She finds herself searching for fleeting moments of warmth in the things that had once brought her joy.

With a single touch Brendan is able to chase away all the cold. He melts the ice frozen around her soul, letting her finally see a possible future ahead. Through the darkest of situations they find love.

Can two broken people heal each other?

Can love be found in the most horrible of situations?

Would the warmth grow so strong, that it becomes Radiant?

No. Just no.  The cover and description was intriguing. But that’s the only thing good about this book.


I really didn’t like the characters at all. Kira was very annoying, and dumb. I hate Brendan’s weird habit of calling Kira baby. I felt like everything was so one-sided.


I hate this book. I’m sorry, but I do. The plot is just so unrealistic, the passion is so boring, and the characters are so one-dimensional. I couldn’t connect with them at all.

This is basically about a girl who was kidnapped, and sold into slavery. The girl’s name is Rena. One day, a man is brought into the house where Rena is hold hostage in, and is forced by Rena’s Master to engage in intercourse. This is the first time Rena feels good about it. Then they fall in love.

Somehow,  Rena turns into Kira (trying to keep it spoiler free). And Brendan and Kira are in a big adventure.

This book moved very fast. I felt like instead of jumping, ahead to 2 years it could’ve just described her first few nights as a slave.

The kidnapping scene was also very fast. She get’s kidnapped in the first few pages. The rest, is very, very boring.

The moments of passion, were… really… bad. It makes you think that, Kira is desperate for it. And is very annoying.


There were a lot of rough patches, in the story. Now what does that mean? Well, most of the story was very rocky, and not smooth. There wasn’t a flow to it. The short sentences made it even worse. It’s kind of like this.

Five days later, I found my self in a car… Alyssa looked at her dad. His eyes seemed like a gray color. Alyssa never knew that. 

Can you feel the flow? No because there isn’t one! Same thing happened in Radiance.  Very rocky sentences.


1 star.


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