The Crowfeild Curse Book Review

519it23niol-_sy344_bo1204203200_Title: The Crowfeild Curse
Author: Pat Walsh
Blurb (GR): An angel is buried behind the abbey! It’s 1347, and Will, an orphan boy, lives and works as an apprentice of the Crowfield monks. Sent into the forest to gather firewood, he stumbles across a trapped, wounded creature no bigger than a cat.The little goblin shares a terrible secret: Buried deep in the snow behind the monastery is an angel. But, Will wonders, how can an angel die? And what does this angel have to do with the history of Crowfield? When two cloaked strangers show up and start asking questions, Will is drawn into a dangerous world of Old Magic
This book was supremely boring. It’s flow and structure was alright, not bad forr a debut author.  But the plot was so boring. In a way this reminds me of New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. In both book’s it was super boring, but at least in New Moon, some action happened. Whereas, in The Crowfeild Curse the so-called “action” wasn’t  even realistic.
After reading this book, I still didn’t get the plot. All I understand is that Will lives in a church filled with monks. Than he meets one hob, and BAM he’s sucked into the Fay world. Why, after all these years does he get it now. That doesn’t even make sense. I know your all like : Well that’s what happened to Harry Potter. Yea I know, but Harry was sent little signs, like talking to the snake, and stuff. Please, let’s  not compare Harry Potter to this. 
Next thing is why the whole “Chosen One” thing? If he was the “Chosen One” you would’ve mentioned that in the beginning of the novel. At least, there will be something to look forward to. Since, it happened in the near end, it was kind of pointless.
Nothing happened. Pat Walsh just gave us really intense descriptions of tree’s and how Will does his chores. Explains a little bit about Will’s past and that’s it. And in the end, it was totally pointless. Will got a broken nose, and a scarred cheek because Bone wanted to die. Dude, ever hear of knives? I understand, that you are immortal and whatnot, but you almost sacrificed a boy, who has no relation to you whatsoever to kill yourself. Really?
Now let’s go to Shadlock. Oh he’s so tough. Makes girls swoon ( From the description probably) But I find him so annoying.  He harmed Will’s only parental figure. And then Will becomes friends with him! How absurd is that? Again, totally unrealistic.
I guess what really affected my judgement was goodread reviews. It had plenty of 5 or 4 stars. I trust the Goodreads community, and this time it failed me. I expected horror, fantasy, and good suspense cliff-hangers. What I got was boring descriptions on a orphans life. BORING!
What really drawn me in was the cover. I should’ve listened to the old saying.
I might not be sure about many things, but I do know this. I will NOT BE READING THE REST OF THE SERIES. And I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THIS TO ANYONE. If you loved this book, sorry (not) but to me, it sucked.


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