What’s on My TBR list?

In preperation for the readathon (that starts tomorrow), I cleaned out my book shelves and finally got my TBR list down. These are the books I’m planning to read tomorrow. I’m so excited!

Note: Some of these books were given to me by a publisher through either Netgalley or part of a tour company

  1. Game of Throne #1
  2. Game of Throne’s #2
  3. Game of Throne’s #3
  4. Outlander
  5. Vampire Academy # 1
  6. Vampire Academy# 2
  7. Vampire Academy #3
  8. Vampire Academy #4
  9. Vampire Academy #5
  10. Vampire Academy # 6
  11. Sunbolt
  12. Enlightned
  13. Enlightned # 2
  14. That Darkness
  15. Paper girls
  16. Ancient Magic
  17.  Gifted
  18. The Crowfeild Curse
  19. Ancient Magic

I have a lot of reading to do, if I want to get these done!


Here is my challenges for this weeks readathon

  • Read 2,500 pages from a TBR book
    • If you have a blog/booktube/or goodreads post a review about 10 book from your TBR shelf.
      • Finish a TBR book in 1 day
  • Read 5 books on your TBR shelf by the same author



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