Tackle That TBR Read-a-thon


Today fellow bookworms, I will be organizing a  Readathon for fun! This one is going to be called the Tackle That TBR . It’s to help you finally tackle that TBR shelf. Here are the challenges that will be there for you to complete! You could more than 1.

-Read at least 5 books on TBR shelf

  • If you have a blog/booktube/or goodreads post a review about 10 book from your TBR shelf.
  • Read 2,500 pages from a TBR book
  • Finish a TBR book in 1 day
  •  Finish all of your TBR books
  • Finish up to 16 books in your TBR shelf
  •  Read 5 books on your TBR shelf by the same author
  • Finish 7 books in 7 days

Starts at 4/27/16-5/7/16

JOIN NOW by emailing me for more details (floralpatternbooks@gmail.com)

(I have contacted several bloggers via email)

Join the Goodreads page : Tackle That TBR (Goodreads page) 

Good luck!


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