Bookish Director

CaptureBookish Director is a weekly meme hosted by me. Find out more here.


Today’s character is Isabelle from Chains by Laurie Halse  Anderson. These are my top 3 actresses who should play Isabelle, if Chains were to become a movie.

1) Lupita Nyong’o 

I feel like Lupita Nyong’o would be a good Isabelle, because she is a great actress, and had experience playing as a slave in 12 Years As a Slave (great movie by the way!). She is very talented and it seems like everyone loves her (including me!).

2) Gabrielle Union  

Aside from the incident that happened in 2014, Union would make a really good Isabelle. I feel like she can portray Isabelle’s toughness, just like she did in “Bring It On”.


3) Tessa Thompson 

With Tessa’s sweet smile and angelic face, I think she could portray the soft and scared part of Isabelle. Yet, she can bring on the toughness as well. I feel like she could also make a great Ruth. She can act innocent, which is what Ruth and Isabelle is. But Isabelle has a steely side, when it comes to Ruth and her family.


I know that all of these women is a little to old to play Isabelle. But if Isabelle was around Tessa’s or Gabriella’s age, I’m sure all 3 of them would make a great Ruth!




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