My Teenage Beating Heart


Title: My Teenage Beating Heart

Author : C.K Kelly Martin

Blurb Found from Google Books: No one asks if you want to be born, and no one tells you when you die either. Ashlyn Baptiste is falling. One moment she was nothing–no memories, no self–and then suddenly, she’s plummeting through a sea of stars. Is she in a coma? She doesn’t remember dying, and she has no memories of the life she left behind. All she knows is that she’s trapped in a consciousness without a body and that she’s spending every moment watching a stranger. Breckon Cody’s on the edge. He’s being ripped apart by grief so intense it literally hurts to breathe. On the surface, Breckon is trying to hold it together for his family and his girlfriend, but underneath it all, he’s barely holding on.


The Story

I have no idea how to start this review because honestly it’s mind-blowing! I always have this weird excited feeling inside when I think about it. So as far as you can tell I like it. So based on the blurb you can tell that it’s mostly about depression and blah blah blah. Well your wrong. Okay sort of wrong. This is just not about that (although it’s sorta is ) it also makes you think: what will happen to you after you die? Will you be sent as a gaurdian to someone else like Ashyln. Or just float up into the sky into the next phase of heaven or whatever you believe in. 

            Breckon Cody is drowning. Not underwater,but something worse: depression. His sister died and of course he thinks it’s his fault. Characters always blame themselves when their close friends die. I could even name a few like Torrey Gray from Can’t Look Away, Willa from Famous Last Words. Basically, someone dies the main character blames themselves. They go through a depression state and now they meet their soulmate and BAM there A-okay. That was a little like those books. Not a lot but a  little. The reason why I say that was because there was a change. 

       Ashlyn Baptise is there too. Watching Breckon. Not in the creepy way but in the peaceful way. She has no idea when and why she is there. At first she didn’t know who she was. Slowly, she recollected herself and found out that’s she is dead, deceased, gone. And now she is stuck with Beckon Cody. Who has no idea he is being watched by a ghost.

The Review 

This book as great as it seems could be confusing at first. You have no idea what’s going on. It’s like  you wake up in a strange room with no idea how you got there. It also wasn’t descriptive in the beginning and there was no feel in the tone (if you know what I mean). So things like I said before were a bit confusing. But of course, as you get more into the book you start to get a feel. Like feeling warmth after along cold day. And trust me it was wonderful. You get to feel all these emotions coursing though you. I felt like crying when Breckon realized Skylar was gone and this time for good (actually she was gone,but he never really felt  it). I felt confusion soaring through me when Ashyln first realized where she was. This book made you feel a lot. 

The Characters 

I feel like I have too do a review on this. The characters are fit for the role they needed to fit. No one was too too happy for their role or overly sad for their role. The author didn’t put it too over the top. I have to confess I never read any books of this author before so I was pretty nervous. But now I would recommend this author to anyone really. 

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