Golden Girl Review

Title:Golden Girl
Author:Mari Mancusi
Blurb (GR): Cold meant snow. Snow meant snowboarding. Snowboarding meant everything.

Lexi Miller–aka “Golden Girl”–is Queen of the ‘Cross–snowboard cross, that is. As the most promising student at the elite ski and snowboard school, Mountain Academy, she is a sure lock for the Olympic-level trial team and has the most promise for a future Olympic gold medal the school has ever seen.

Until a freak fall during a snowboard-cross competition crushes her dreams and puts her future on hold.

One year after her disastrous fall, Lexi is back at Mountain Academy and attempting a comeback. But everything has changed—her best friend is suddenly friends with her arch-enemy on and off the slopes, and everyone seems to be rooting for her to fail.

Everyone except Logan Conrad that is. Logan is a “staff rat” whose mother works at the school and he believes snowboarding should be for fun—not sponsors. With his help and friendship, Lexi begins to discover a whole new world outside her favorite sport and even a new passion for music.

But Lexi’s dad–who just happens to be her coach and lead instructor at Mountain Academy–has strong opinions on his daughter’s future. Can Lexi figure out how to balance her dreams with the dreams of her dad’s–and find out what exactly happened on that mountain a year ago?


The Review

Golden Girl by Mari Mancusi is a wonderful book. The main theme that I felt that is shown throughout the book is overcoming your fears and sometimes things change. I felt that this was supported by the fact that Lexi got into an accident a year ago and is afraid to go back on the mountains and that she finds singing a bit more better than snowboarding.
This book reminds me a lot of another book called Girl Overboard by Justina Chen. Both girls go through an accident while snowboarding and is afraid to come back. However, when there is a similarity there’s always a difference. Some difference that can be notified is that Alexi seems much more confident about her comeback than Syrah Cheng. Syrah is also the daughter (or step-daughter) of international billionaire and hates it. Alexis parents are split but she is the daughter of an world prized international snowboarder. Both girls try to step out of their parents shadow,but unable to do so because their scared that they are going to embarrass themselves and family.
The thing I loved about about Alexis (or Lexi) Miller is that she is a fighter. Sure she is let down because of an accident, but that didn’t stop her from sending total burn comebacks to her arch nemesis Olivia (or Slow-livia) who caused the accident the first place and holding it all in even when she wants to just tumble down. She is also not a snob and in fact is happy to be like a happy,normal kid. Though,she does want to live up to her name as the “Golden Girl” she is perfectly fine as Just Lexi.
I also love that the characters can live up to their role. For example Olivia can be named Spoiled Brat Of The Year and Arch Nemesis of All Time award. She is dirty, sassy, and evil. Perfect! She also has that mysterious and emotional past. And I love that Olivia and Lexi both have push hard parents. That could create a bonding bridge for the two of them.
I know I say this a lot but the characters here are so relatable. This book also explains that sons and daughters of famous people don’t have everything cut out for them. And one mistake could lead all the way back to the start. Teens especially growing teens are under a lot of pressure. From schoolwork to social life and reaching the expectations of others.
So let’s talk about the characters and which role they fit in on.
First on is Lexi Miller who fits in the role of Main Character and Good Girl of the book. The story is told from her point of view. Her worries, her happiness, her troubles, and feelings are shown and shared with us. We understand the reason of her actions (even though we may not agree to it) and have to go along with it.
Second, is Logan which is proving to be the hero and potential boyfriend of Lexi Miller. In the beginning when he meets Lexi (which was when she was crying on top of a hill) he took her to a party (which eventually got busted by Lexi’s dad) which did make her feel better because it made her feel normal for once. Lexi also describes him as “the silver lining in my otherwise lousy first day”. This reveals that Lexi feels something special about Logan the first day back.
Third on the list is Olivia. As you can tell Olivia is the arch nemesis of Lexi Miller. She is the reason why Lexi got in an accident in the first place. Olivia is constantly dragging Lex’s self esteem while Lexi’s other friends are working to do the opposite. Olivia also stole Lexi’s once upon a time best friend Becca. Her group of friends are called the “Boarder Barbie’s” They literally will go down on their knees and will bow down to Olivia. They also did that in the book.
A snowboard heroine was a great twist then your average high-school drama. The girls show their feircness on and off the snow. Also the setting is not your regular high school campus. It’s at Mountain Academy. Everyone is competitive and willing for the golden spot.
This book is unpredictable which is great! The twists and turns add so much into the story and causes it to be suspensful which is awesome!

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